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Cepack Group can provide various Material to meet your packaging needs, such as virgin paper, bleached paper, white top Kraft, test liner & fluting, which supplied from many countries such as USA, Russia, Canada, Sweden &Finland.

Converting & Fabricating

The corrugator is the core of Cepack Group and permits us to produce over a 200,000 metric tons of corrugated board a year at our 3 plants. At over 350 feet long, it features four high-speed, heavy-duty single facers and corrugates three different flute sizes B, C and E, and any board combination of single or double wall, which allows us to meet your individual structural specifications. This machine produces one of the widest varieties of corrugated board anywhere and also gives us the flexibility to change from one flute to another or from bleach white paper to Kraft in a matter of seconds, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs.

Delivery on time

Delivering your products to you when you need them is key to keeping your supply chain running. From customer service, to scheduling, to manufacturing, to shipping, we work as a team to ensure your products arrive on time. We track our on time record daily, making it a key focus of our operation.